Proud Pervs: Someone Deserves A Raise

Oliver Davis is nervous but excited to be invited for dinner by his boss, Candice Dare. He’s been hoping for a raise or promotion and this seems like a step in the right direction.

When he arrives, he is greeted by Candice and her wife, RayVenesse. Although Oliver is nice and polite, there’s no missing the flirty vibes towards him from Ray, which makes him a bit uncomfortable. Ray openly checks him out and even comes onto him, though Candice doesn’t seem at all bothered by this.

Once Candice has the three of them sit down for dinner, she comes clean. She tells Oliver that, while she’s a lesbian, her hotwife is bi, which means that every now and then there’s an itch Candice can’t scratch. When that happens, Candice brings home a boytoy for Ray… and tonight, Oliver is that toy.

Oliver is stunned but here’s his chance to prove he has what it takes to get the job done, in more ways than one. He agrees to have some fun with Ray, all while Candice watches.

Ray grins and climbs into Oliver’s lap, hotly making out with him at the dinner table while Candice keeps an eye on them. Things only get more erotic from there as Ray slides off his lap and onto her knees, eager for his cock in her mouth. She wants to get it nice and wet for her pussy, which he starts pounding once she bends over the table for him. All the while, Candice makes direct eye contact with them, clearly happy as long as her hotwife is happy.

After switching positions a few times, it all ends with Oliver fucking Ray’s throat and giving her a nice facial. As she enjoys it to the fullest, all Oliver can hope is that his boss will give him a glowing performance review…