Serial Seducer

Two friends, Jessica Ryan and Ava Sinclaire, are having a nice chat. Ava starts telling Jessica about her new boyfriend Robby, saying that he has curly brown hair and plays the guitar. Jessica is surprised at the coincidence, saying that she is also dating a guy named Robby who has the same type of hair and plays guitar. As they continue talking, it becomes obvious that they’re dating the same person, Robby Echo! Has he been two-timing them? The women agree that they need to talk to him, so Ava calls Robby and asks him to come over.

When Robby arrives, the two women confront him. He tries to stammer out excuses, but Jessica and Ava say that he should have informed them he was seeing more than one person. He admits that they’re right, so the women tell him that he needs to choose one of them. However, he says that they’re BOTH incredible women, and he can’t decide. He asks them to help him choose, so they agree to both have sex with him right now, so he can make a side-by-side comparison. They start by taking turns kissing him and sucking on his cock, but as the sex progresses, things get less competitive and more cooperative. Maybe Robby won’t have to choose just one after all!