The Dairy Queen

Derrick Pierce is leading a virtual meeting with his employees, when his young lover Jane Wilde enters the house. He quickly wraps up the meeting and then playfully berates Jane, saying she could get him into trouble. She replies that he’s the boss, so he can do whatever he wants. And speaking of work, she’s been giving him free ice cream because of her job at the ice cream shop, but she’s not going to keep doing that if he doesn’t explain why he’s been ignoring her calls lately!

Derrick admits that he was starting to feel like it wasn’t right to be in a secret relationship with someone as young as her… after all, he’s best friends with one of her parents. But Jane insists that she’s old enough to know what she wants, and the two of them are happy together, so who cares what anybody else might think?

Impressed by her response, Derrick kisses her and undresses her, proving that he prefers Jane’s flavor over ANY ice cream.